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Outsider Ink

Outsider Ink was launched in 1999 as a forum for alternative literary fiction, poetry and artwork. The ezine found a global audience attracted to the quality of the work, and allowed us to expand and evolve over seven years, well beyond any of our expectations. In that time, we featured some excellent work, published a number of emerging voices, and created and defined the term “outsider fiction”. We also got to get on our soapbox and rant and rave about world events. It was a great run.

Outsider Ink folded at the close of 2006 but we kept the amazing work that was published online until 2010. Although the content is no longer available, we wish to extend our thanks to all the artists, poets and writers who contributed to our forum over the years, and to the readers who returned for each quarterly issue. A special thanks to the volunteer readers and editors who helped manage the site: Sarah Eddenden, Daniel Allen Cox and Michael Graves.

Be a creationist. Make Art. Keep writing.

Sean Meriwether
Managing Editor
Outsider Ink